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Bad Doberan         Heiligendamm

Brick Gothic, spa railway, classic resort architecture & Baltic Sea

The town of Bad Doberan (approx. 12,000 inhabitants) is located on the Mecklenburg Baltic Sea coast in the district of Rostock between the large Hanseatic cities of Rostock and Wismar and is surrounded by beautiful nature with beautiful beech forests (Kellerswald, the small and large Wohld - on the Lindenallee, the Doberaner Holz, Hütter Wohld), green meadows and golden-yellow fields in summer and the Conventer See nature reserve in the north-west. Bad Doberan, with its districts of Althof in the south, Vorder Bollhagen in the north-west (with the same-named estate - organic farming and stud) and the oldest German seaside resort of Heiligendamm on the Baltic Sea, has something for lovers of culture, architecture and nature, esp. bike tourists and hikers, as well as Baltic Sea holidaymakers and those interested in history have a lot to offer. That is why we would like to present the spa and bathing resort of Bad Doberan - Heiligendamm in a little more detail - from its roots to the Brick Gothic (Münster) with the bather train (Molli) to Resort architecture (classicism) and Doberan present on the Baltic Sea, also known as the Baltic Sea.

The interesting Doberaner Land offers a wide range of active recreational opportunities and sights for your Baltic Sea vacation (cycling vacation, nature vacation, cultural vacation) - from the Brick Gothic (Münster) and the bathing railway (Molli) to refreshing bathing in beautiful spa architecture (classicism) in the Baltic Sea (Baltic Sea beach).

The history of Bad Doberan begins in its southern District Althof, where 1171 Cistercian monks (from the monastery of Amelungsborn in the Weserbergland) founded a monastery. However, this was destroyed and re-established on the site of todays monastery in 1177. After a fire, the monks replaced the initially Romanesque church with the magnificent high-Gothic cathedral (anno 1186) that can be admired today, about which we would of course like to provide more detailed information on other pages.

Ostsee Hotel Pension Bad Doberan-Heiligendamm
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