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Baltic~nature holiday

Baltic Sea - nature holiday - naturally Baltic Hotel on the lime tree avenue!

Not only at Baltic Sea cycling holiday you can actively relax - you can also make good use of the stimulating Baltic Sea climate on a Baltic Sea nature holiday. In this way, the environment can be explored in many seasons, e.g. B. by a Baltic Sea beach hike between Heiligendamm and the Baltic Sea resort of Kühlungsborn along the cliff coast.

West of Kühlungsborn you will find a natural beach and the beautiful nature reserve "Riedensee".

Above this you have a beautiful view from the Buk lighthouse in Bastorf - on a clear day to Denmark in the north or the island of Fehmarn in the north-west and you can enjoy cake in Cafe Valentin.

The BUK lighthouse is topographically the highest lighthouse in Germany, even if it is one of the smallest with a tower height of only about 20 meters.

The way back from Kuehlungsborn to Bad Doberan - Heiligendamm can of course also be managed with the steaming narrow-gauge railway Mollitrain. In hot weather, a bath in the Baltic Sea provides the necessary cooling or refreshment.

~ Baltic Sea nature holiday & Sea Activities ~

You can also draw strength from nature to revitalize body, mind and soul while hiking or Nordic walking in the fresh Baltic Sea air on the well-developed network of hiking trails through the salt marshes, beautiful beech and coastal forests and along the avenues. Many of the Cistercian monks of Bad Doberaner monastery church streams that are already naturally regulated run through the nearby hiking area. With a bit of luck, in addition to the obligatory cows on the meadows in the morning or evening in the woods and fields, wild animals such as Master Reinecke, Master Lamp, Bockert, Grimbart, Arbnora, Adebar, Bartolt, Markwart, birds of prey or deer can be quietly greeted (Hello) and observe (dont worry - but not Isegrimm!). Walking through fields, forests and meadows along the waters with the wind and fresh salty Baltic air is a great way to slow down from everyday stress in nature and strengthen your immune system. Relaxation exercises or yoga and the sounds of nature help to reduce stress. The Doberaner Land offers of course great nature and landscape protection areas such as the Hütter Wohld with its old monastery ponds or the Quellental with the Glashäger spring for exploring, relaxing while hiking or pilgrimages (Baltic Way of St. James). Also recommended is a hike from the Baltic Sea Hotel-Pension directly into the adjacent "Große Wohld" with its mounds and the iron spring as well as the nature reserve Conventer See near the Baltic Sea for hiking holidays in nature. There, rare bird species such as the white-tailed eagle or the reed dommel find breeding grounds and others such as the crane, wild geese and swans need resting places on the wild bird migrations.

If you are interested in birds, you are also in the Marlow Bird Park (about 1 hour drive from Bad Doberan). There are also exotic birds such as macaws, parrots, pelicans and animals such as kangaroos to experience up close and partly to pet. The bird park offers a lot of variety with its animal shows, air shows and show feeds. It is idyllically located in the Recknitztal.
This is a popular region for water hiking with canoes, kayaks and SUP on the Recknitz with guided tours and beautiful rest areas in the nature reserves. Here you can also discover and observe plants and animals in peace.
Larger wild animals such as bears, wolves, lynxes, wild boars can be seen up close in the wildlife enclosures at the M-V Wildlife Park in Güstrow. It is beautifully embedded in the humid river landscape of the mist and has different biotopes.
Even closer, the Rostock Zoo is the best zoo in Europe. It offers over 4500 animals from over 450 species from all over the world in large enclosures with unique adventure trails a home in the Barnstorfer Wald. In addition, there are also attractions such as the Darwineum on the history of human evolution, the Polarium and changing events to impart knowledge and experience the animal world. The zoo is particularly suitable for children due to its playgrounds, display boards and educational trails.
If you enjoy walking or running, you can also complete various competitive distances as part of the events of "Dein Ostseeweg" along the Baltic Sea coast as a challenge and to enjoy nature. Of course, you can also take a pilgrimage on the nearby St. James' Way and hike the Hanseatenweg through the beautiful nature of Bad Doberan - Heiligendamm and surroundings.
For hiking there is also a trip to the peninsula Fischland Darß with the Natureum (about 1 hour by car from the hotel-pension). It is a natural history museum in nature and provides information about flora and fauna on the Darß. The Natureum is located in the core zone of the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park at Darßer Ort (northern tip of the peninsula) not far from the Darßer West beach, about 5 km away from Prerow (about 1 hour walk through the Darßwald or reachable by bicycle and horse-drawn carriage).

~ Baltic Sea Nature Vacation Bad Doberan & Sea – Activities ~

Ostsee Natururlaub Nordic Walking
Ostsee-Natururlaub Wandern Salzwiesen
Ostsee Natururlaub Wildtiere Fuchs
Ostsee Natururlaub Wildtiere Hirsch

A Nature-friendly agriculture is practiced on the nearby farm Vorder Bollhagen, which belongs to Heiligendamm. There is a nice stud there.

It specializes in breeding Holstein show jumpers and is located in a beautiful terminal moraine landscape. The sport horses of the gallop races on the Baltic Sea racecourse also find board and lodging here. The landscape is primeval and varied - from flat to hilly.

Ostsee Natururlaub Wandern Landschaftsschutzgebiet
Ostsee Natururlaub Wandern Lindenallee
Ostsee Natururlaub Wandern Landschaft Licht und Schatten

Of course, there are also many water sports activities on the Baltic Sea itself, e.g. B. Sailing, surfing, kite surfing, SUP, swimming and diving in the surrounding Baltic Sea resorts.
Those interested in golf will also get their money worth on the golf courses in Wittenbeck and the Baltic Sea resort of Warnemünde, while Kühlungsborn has the ideal facilities for tennis fans.
Fishing from the Baltic Sea beach, the piers or with the cutter from Rostock-Warnemünde (deep sea fishing) is very popular with fishing disciples.

Ostsee Naturlaub Wassersport Kitesurfen
Ostsee Natururlaub Wassersport Segeln
Ostsee Naturlaub Wassersport Surfen

The best way to end the evening is on the Baltic Sea beach and see the red-hot sun dipping into the Baltic Sea in different variations in summer.

Ostsee Naturlaub Sonnenuntergang Heiligendamm
Ostsee Naturlaub Strandspaziergang Ostsee Heiligendamm

And again we can look forward to a new, beautiful day on the Baltic Sea coast!

Ostsee Natururlaub Pension Bad Doberan Heiligendamm Strand
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