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 Baltic~cycling holiday

~ Active cycling holiday-experience the landscape intensively, reduce stress and relax! ~

If you want to spend your vacation on the Baltic Sea, the question of activities naturally arises. What do I want to see from the Baltic Sea coast, what do I want to experience actively?

The Baltic Hotel Bad Doberan is an ideal starting point for cycling tours to actively discover the Mecklenburg Baltic Sea coast on a Baltic Sea cycling holiday.

Active cycling holidays allow you to experience the vastness of the beautiful Baltic Sea landscape more intensively - see more and at the same time do something for your health and the environment.

In addition, the stress of looking for a parking space and parking fees are eliminated.

If you are unable to take your own bikes with you, the Baltic Hotel on the lime tree avenue recommends using the Balticbike bike rental service with a collection and delivery service.

The fog clears over the salt marshes in the morning.

But now we can start with the tour suggestions of the Baltic Hotel on the lime tree avenue:

Baltic-Cycle Path  tour suggestion 1:

Bad Doberan – Heiligendamm – Baltic Seaside resort Kühlungsborn (approx. 12 km in each direction)

From the Baltic Hotel you can easily get along the Lindenallee and the Mollistrecke - past the Baltic horse racetrack - to the Baltic Sea in Heiligendamm, the white town on the Baltic Sea. From there you can cycle on the Baltic Coast Cycle Path, which is quite sheltered from the wind, to the largest German Baltic Sea resort of Kuehlungsborn.

In Heiligendamm, part of the way goes through the Heiligendammer Ghost Forest with a direct view of the Baltic Sea. It then continues along the steep coast, where the steam-powered narrow-gauge railway Molli also passes the summer stop of the same name. Arriving in Kühlungsborn, it is of course worth taking a walk from the marina along the long lakeside promenade, which connects the districts of Brunshaupten or Fulgen (Kuehlungsborn East) and Arendsee (Kuehlungsborn West). There is usually a fresh Baltic Sea breeze. Of course, the Baltic Sea resort of Kühlungsborn also offers a lot of variety with its numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and boutiques. If your feet/calves have already gotten hard for the way back or if you have a certain desire to be idle after a refreshing bike ride etc., you can also start the way back by bike with the help of the Mollitrain and its luggage trolley (bicycle).

Ostsee Radurlaub Blick Ostseeradweg Bad Doberan Heiligendamm
Heiligendamm Strandansicht.jpg
Ostsee Radurlaub Radweg Heiligendamm
Ostsee Radurlaub Radweg Heiligendamm Kuehlungsborn
Ostsee Radurlaub Marina Kühlungsborn
Ostsee Radurlaub Blick Seebruecke Kuehlungsborn
Ostsee Radurlaub Seebruecke Kühlungsborn
Ostsee Radurlaub Ostseestrand Marina Kühlungsborn
Ostsee Radurlaub Promenade Kühlungsborn
Ostsee Radurlaub Ostseestrand


On the other hand, you can easily cycle from the Baltic Hotel along the Baltic Sea coast via the Baltic Sea Cycle Path through Heiligendamm, via Börgerende, the Baltic Sea resort of Nienhagen through the Ghost Forest and on to the Wilhelmshöhe excursion restaurant. There is a stopover there. It then continues through the hiking trail in the coastal forest to the popular Baltic Sea resort of Warnemünde. In Warnemünde, the beautiful promenade takes you straight to the Teepott and the lighthouse. The wide sandy beach invites you to linger, sunbathe and swim in the Baltic Sea. In addition, it is of course worth going out to the pier at the port entrance, where the Warnow flows into the Baltic Sea. There you can see the departures and arrivals of the Baltic Sea ferries and large cruise ships (Aida Line).

In Warnemünde you can feel the old fishing village flair, preferably by the old river with a fresh fish sandwich from the cutter - watch out for the seagulls, they know what tastes good!
More information and pictures of the Baltic Sea resort of Warnemünde can be found at Environment section

You can then return inland to Bad Doberan via Diedrichshagen - Elmenhorst - the Baltic Sea resort of Nienhagen - Rethwisch on the cycle path along the meadows and fields to the Ostseepension Bad Doberan and thus complete the round.

We would be happy to provide you with further suggestions for tours of the Baltic Sea on site.



Baltic-Cycle Path  tour suggestion 2:
Bad Doberan - Heiligendamm - Nienhagen - Baltic Seaside resort Warnemünde  (approx. 16 km in each direction)

Ostsee Radurlaub Promenade Teepott Leuchtturm Warnemünde
Ostsee Radurlaub Mole Ostseebad Warnemünde
Ostsee Radurlaub Promenade Warnemünde
Ostsee Radurlaub Alter Strom Warnemünde
Ostsee Radurlaub Leuchtturm in Flammen Warnemünde
Ostsee Radurlaub Leuchtturm in Flammen Warnemünde

Inline skating on the Baltic Sea Cycle Path

Tip: You can also start straight from the Baltic Hotel Bad Doberan with inline skaters or skateboards and skate along the not too busy Baltic Sea Cycle Path along the Lindenallee - past the Horse racecourse - to Heiligendamm - or in the direction of Bad Doberan City.

The Baltic Sea Cycle Path is also very popular with joggers and hikers to keep fit.
You can find more options for your active holiday in the Baltic Hotel on the Lime tree avenue on our website Baltic Sea nature vacation.

Ostsee Radurlaub Ostseebad Doberan Heiligendamm
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